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Growing Food Forward strives to empower community through education, sustainable projects and gardens for hunger relief within our communities. We’re based out of El Jebel, Colorado and we serve a 100-mile region from Aspen to Parachute. From the Roaring Fork Valley to the Western Slope!

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Our 2015 Vision for Growing Food Forward in Colorado

Planting 20,000 Starters

Plant 20,000 starters with assistance of Yampah Mountain H.S. students & public sessions, that will be planted in our gardens, distributed to our “porch gardeners”, and sold to the public as a revenue stream.

Expand Participation

Expand gardener participation through distribution of over 6000 packets of organic heirloom non-GMO seeds in towns from Aspen to Parachute via community sharing dinners & showing of recent documentary films Re: hunger, our food system and related issues.

Worm Farm

Build a worm farm operation on donated private land that will provide worms and compost for our gardens and gardeners as well as a future revenue stream for GFF through product sales to local growers.

Grow & Deliver Produce

Continue to grow & deliver produce to clients, food pantries, mobile food pantries and distribution points.

Tend 102 Gardens

Plant, maintain & harvest our 102 gardens with volunteer assistance via collaborations with groups/organizations.

Garden Management

Plant, maintain and harvest our 35 gardens with volunteer assistance.

Gardening Classes

Gardening and raised bed construction classes and after-school programs starting in March.

Seed Libraries

Seed libraries set up in all Garfield county libraries.

Composting Operations

Build two composting operations: one in Rifle and one on private property outside of New Castle.

County Officials Tour

Tri-county officials tour of gardens, lunch, and presentation by Growing Food Forward.

Regional Gardening Classes

Continuing gardening classes throughout the region: harvesting seed, organic pest and weed control, building raised and low-water beds, etc.

Labels & Signage

Labels, seed envelopes, and signage for our gardens and gardeners, designed and printed.

Software Implementation

Implement software program to track volunteers, donors, events, donations, etc.

Tri-County Tour

Tri-county officials tour of gardens, lunch, and presentation by Growing Food Forward.

Root Cellars

Employ root cellars throughout the region for storage of appropriate root veggies i.e. squashes, onion, carrots, etc. for distribution in winter.

Porch Garden Kits

Distribute 200 “porch garden kits” with starters, seed, soil, amendments, instructions and support to food insecure community(ies) members, living in apartments/condos.

Learning Garden Construction

We have 19 major projects on the slate for 2015 including gardens around schools, on farms, around libraries, a food forest, community gardens, greenhouse operations and more! All of them involve hands-on classes and trainings that will involve building every type of organic garden known, i.e. raised beds, low-water, hugelkultur, permaculture, etc. A full list of our exciting projects will be released soon, pending final planning, etc. with our other partners.

Conducting Classes

Conduct canning, preserving, and healthy cooking classes – accomplished by volunteer chefs and expert community members – products will be distributed to our food insecure clients and a portion sold as a revenue stream for GFF.

Revenue Streams

Develop the following identified revenue streams:

  • Manufactured Red Brooms made from our corn
  • Luffas grown from our Luffa Gourds
  • How-To Manuals on Amazon
  • Plant Sales
  • Herb Sales
  • Food, Soap, etc. Products
  • Seed Bombs
  • Porch Gardens
  • Pallet Furniture & Frames
  • Feed My Friend (CSA’s)
  • Gardeners Harvest Cookbook – a fundraiser using recipes submitted by GFF participants
  • Grants & Donations
  • Events & Fundraisers
  • Boost Camps/Enrichment Wednesday Classes
  • Agri-Tours of our regions organic food products & includes work in gardens, history tours, etc.

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We are continually growing and expanding, and we are always looking for volunteers to support our momentum!

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